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christopher kremmer
Portrait by Lucy Cavender
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The Bundanon Trust presents

Christopher Kremmer
'In Conversation'     
with Richard Morecroft

Dear Christopher,

I have never written to an author before, but never
hasa book (Bamboo Palace) touched me so personally.
So imagine my surprise and pleasure when I received
a reply (and so promptly as well!).

I had to write back and tell you that I was up all night
and finished your book. I found that as Tom's story
started to unfold I couldn't put it down. And before I
knew it, the drums of the surrounding wats started to
sound, signalling dak bhat. It is an incredible story and
it fills me with great sadness, hopefulness and
happiness all at the same time.

Bamboo Palace will not only heighten my stay in Luang
Prabang but I will carry with me for the rest of my life
the stories within it.

I don't need to make an offering to the gods of the
Mekong for you. They have already blessed you with an
amazing gift. I only hope that more of these stories find
you and your very worthy pen.

Best wishes,

in Luang Prabang, Laos



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