CHRISTOPHER KREMMER is the author of
five books, including fiction and non-fiction,   
short stories and a substantial body of

Like few writers over the past twenty years,
he has explored Asia's tumultuous journey
from tradition towards modernity, producing
a series of acclaimed books that includes

More recently he has turned his focus
homeward to Australia with the publication of
his debut novel,
THE CHASE. His early short
stories won several awards, including the
Patricia Rappolt Prize for young writers in the
prestigious Canberra Times National Short
Story Competition. Other short fiction was
published in
Australian Short Stories.

After completing a Bachelor's degree in
Professional Writing at the University of
Canberra, Christopher worked in broadcast
and print media in Australia. During a period
spent in London he wrote comedy sketches
for the long-running Canal Cafe Theatre
company, and some of his work was
performed at the Edinburgh Arts Festival.

His work during a decade spent as a foreign
correspondent in Asia—first for the Australian
Broadcasting Corporation, and later for The
Sydney Morning Herald—earned him an
international profile as an insightful and
sensitive observer of the region.

Since returning to Australia, Christopher has
spoken widely at literary festivals and other
events across the nation. In 2008 he was
invited by the international writers group PEN
to contribute to its '3 Writers Project' leading
to the publication of a series of essays,
Courage, Survival, Greed. He is currently
completing his doctorate with the Writing and
Society Group at the University of Western
Sydney, and teaches literary non-fiction
writing at workshops in Australia and abroad.
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christopher kremmer
in Kandahar, Afghanistan

Portrait by Lai Morris
'Just wanted to say how much I value your writing. Your story is a source of
wonder to others, it awakens fellow feelings in people who love that human
connection. You make people laugh and you wake us up. Your writing gives form
to the things that happen and you help us make sense of this chaotic world. I
love your perspective and your wisdom. Never stop.'                  -- from a Reader