christopher kremmer
Winner Qantas/City of Brisbane Prize for
Asia-Pacific Travel Writing

Praise for
'Bamboo Palace'

"Now this is what I call a travel book: a journey of
exploration in the jungles of Laos, searching for the lost
royal family... Kremmer wouldn't dream of casting
himself as Marlow in Heart of Darkness, (but) for me it
was hard to resist the image" -- Dianne Dempsey, The Age

"Much like Kremmer's previous book, The Carpet Wars,
this new work combines politics and history, and culture
and travel, with a narrative that belts along" -- Paul
Bailey,  The Bulletin

"Kremmer writes as though his own life depends on it,
and it makes Bamboo Palace an immensely powerful
account of Laos's tumultuous history and uncertain
future" -- Patrick Cullen, Newcastle Herald

"A definitive account" -- Milton Osbourne, Sydney
Morning Herald

"Bamboo Palace is an extraordinary book ... It reveals in
graphic detail one of a tragic region’s most moving, and
until now, secret stories. " -- Coaldrakes Books
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